As a Packaging Senior Designer Icreated a colorful logo for packaging design for "Mi Piñata" Dulces de la Rosa for export sales in the United States.
Packaging design for candies products MI PIÑATA de la rosa design and creation of burrito characters in the form of a piñata

Packaging Senior Designer: Creating Colorful and Fun Packaging for Dulces de la Rosa

When it comes to the confectionery market, Dulces de la Rosa (DLR) stands out as a leading company in Mexico. With a presence across Mexico and exporting to various regions worldwide, DLR has gained recognition for its diverse range of sweets and chocolates, with their most famous product being the Mazapán.

With over 70 years of experience, DLR boasts a portfolio of more than 300 products. Their commitment to quality and innovation has allowed them to establish a strong foothold in the industry. DLR’s products are not only loved in Mexico but also in Central and South America, the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

The inspiration behind the Packaging Design

When developing the packaging design for Dulces de la Rosa, sought inspiration from traditional Mexican piñatas. These iconic piñatas are known for their vibrant and colourful designs. Just like breaking open a piñata to reveal sweets and confetti, DLR’s packaging aims to create an explosion of fun and excitement.

Although piñatas originally hail from China, Mexico has embraced them as an integral part of its culture. Piñatas often take the form of various characters, with one of the most popular being the burrito piñata. Made from paper mache and adorned with colourful decorations, burrito piñatas are filled with delicious candies, much like DLR’s Mi Piñata candy assortment.

Designing the Logo and Character Development

As a Packaging Senior Designer, I had the privilege of working on the logo, character development, and packaging for De La Rosa assorted candy, which is exported to the United States. The aim was to create a packaging design that captured the essence of the brand and appealed to the target audience. Through extensive research and collaboration, we developed a visually striking and engaging packaging design.

The packaging design for Dulces de la Rosa revolves around vibrant colours and playful elements. The goal was to create an instant visual impact that would attract consumers and convey a sense of joy and excitement. By incorporating bold and eye-catching graphics, we aimed to make the packaging stand out on store shelves.

DLR’s export market, particularly in the United States, presented unique challenges and opportunities. The packaging had to meet international standards while maintaining its Mexican identity. We carefully considered cultural nuances and preferences to create packaging that would resonate with American consumers. By leveraging the essence of Mexican piñatas and incorporating elements of American design aesthetics, we crafted packaging that appealed to a wide audience.

Importance of Packaging in the Confectionery Industry​

Packaging design for food extends beyond a mere bag. It is important to acknowledge that packaging design encompasses containment, protection, transportation, information, and most significantly, sales!

The design of packaging not only safeguards a product but also captivates customers at first glance. It is said that within a mere 3 seconds, packaging has the power to attract consumers, enticing them to explore the brand and ultimately choose it based on its content.

Personally, I have often made purchases solely due to the appeal of the label or packaging. Has this ever happened to you?

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Mi Piñata

As a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to design the logo, character development, and packaging for De La Rosa assorted candy, which is exported to the United States. The result was a colorful and fun packaging that reflects the brand's personality.