Royalty-inspired illustrations for iron garden chairs Creative Illustrator

As a designer, working with clients of diverse needs and styles is incredibly rewarding. Collaborating with Erick Millan on this project was a true privilege. Together, we created a set of 12 iron chairs, transforming his garden into a magical oasis, where one can escape the city’s hustle and bustle. Here’s the stunning outcome.

Character design

Mine, volleyball player character design, mascot of Las Tapatias de Guadalajara volleyball team in Mexico / Ilustración de Personaje Las Tapatías

I developed and illustrated a character named Mine, who serves as the mascot for the Las Tapatias de Jalisco women’s volleyball team. Mine is an athletic and determined character, designed to be fun and memorable, making her a beloved mascot for the team and their fans.

Abecedario Mazatleco

Cover of the Mazatleco Abecedary colouring book Ilustration

I illustrated and developed “El Abecedario Mazatleco,” a coloring book representing all the typical customs and things of Mazatlan. From sketches to final illustrations, I made sure each page was visually engaging and educational for children and adults alike.

Social Media

As a graphic designer, I specialize in creating eye-catching illustrations and designing social media posts that stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape. My designs are tailored to each client’s unique brand identity, helping them engage with their audience and increase their online presence.


As a graphic designer, I created box packaging illustrations for Manhattan and Uber’s ice cream day, which was celebrated worldwide. The designs captured the fun and playful essence of the event, making the experience memorable for customers.

Mi Piñata

Packaging design for candies products MI PIÑATA de la rosa design and creation of burrito characters in the form of a piñata

As a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to design the logo, character development, and packaging for De La Rosa assorted candy, which is exported to the United States. The result was a colorful and fun packaging that reflects the brand’s personality.


Blue San Francisco Women's T-Shirt Design by Freelance Graphic Designer in Sydney, Australia

For 8 years, I specialized in designing souvenir products and collaborated with various international companies such as Señor Frogs, Crazy Shirts and Hotel Shops. My work included designing illustrations for t-shirt printing, cap development, and other souvenir items. In this project, I showcase my design skills by creating unique illustrations for printed t-shirts aimed at girls and women, using different techniques and inks based on a previously sent technical brief.


Sweet Swims Food Packaging Design Mock-Up for La Rosa's Client / Dulces de la Rosa: Diseño de Empaque Swims

I had the pleasure of collaborating with De la Rosa to create a new candy packaging product, Swims. I provided end-to-end design services, including the creation of the brand logo, custom illustrations of candy treats, and packaging design that adheres to the new Mexican front-of-pack labeling law.