Mi Piñata

Packaging design for candies products MI PIÑATA de la rosa design and creation of burrito characters in the form of a piñata

As a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to design the logo, character development, and packaging for De La Rosa assorted candy, which is exported to the United States. The result was a colorful and fun packaging that reflects the brand’s personality.

Cesar Millan

Creative Graphic Design Packaging design for Gran Pet's wet dog food with turkey protein, endorsed by Cesar Millan, on a green background.

César Millán is a Mexican dog trainer known for “The Dog Whisperer” TV series. My recent work focuses on designing packaging for a wet dog food and for his personal brand. As a freelance designer, I have developed various products such as sports apparel, tote bags, bracelets, and keychains.


Sweet Swims Food Packaging Design Mock-Up for La Rosa's Client / Dulces de la Rosa: Diseño de Empaque Swims

I had the pleasure of collaborating with De la Rosa to create a new candy packaging product, Swims. I provided end-to-end design services, including the creation of the brand logo, custom illustrations of candy treats, and packaging design that adheres to the new Mexican front-of-pack labeling law.