Designing Custom Souvenirs: Creating Memorable Keepsakes

Custom souvenirs play a vital role in capturing and preserving memories of a particular place or experience. These unique mementos allow individuals to take a piece of their journey home with them and share it with others.

With eight years of experience working for Señor Frogs, Mexico’s largest souvenir store company, I have had the privilege of designing a wide range of products for sale as souvenirs. This company currently boasts over 30 stores in Mexico and 20 internationally. My know-how (accumulated experience) has allowed me to collaborate with various textile brands and international companies in the souvenir industry.

Collaborating with International Brands in the Souvenir Industry

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with renowned international brands in the souvenir industry. One such collaboration was with Crazy Shirts, a US-based souvenir brand known for its unique designs. I have also worked with Hotel Shops, a company based in Cancun with stores throughout the Riviera Maya. They are currently expanding their presence internationally.

Custom Souvenirs: Designing Illustrations for Printed T-shirts, Caps, Keychains, Sandals, etc…

One of the areas where my expertise shines is in designing illustrations for printed t-shirts. By creating visually captivating designs, I aim to capture the essence of a location or experience and translate it into adaptable art.

In addition to printed t-shirts, I have also ventured into all kinds of techniques as sublimation textile design. This technique allows for vibrant and long-lasting designs on various fabric surfaces. By exploring different sublimation methods and colour combinations, I strive to create visually appealing and durable souvenir textiles.

The realm of custom souvenirs extends beyond t-shirts. I have had the pleasure of designing a diverse range of products, including caps, keychains, bags, cups, toys, thermos, sandals etc… the list is endless. These items offer unique opportunities for creativity, allowing me to incorporate local motifs, colours, and symbols to create eye-catching designs that resonate with tourists and locals alike.

Exploring More Souvenir Design Possibilities

The world of souvenir design is vast and ever-evolving. If you have a project or venture involving custom souvenirs, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am always excited to collaborate and bring unique ideas to life. Together, we can create memorable keepsakes that leave a lasting impression on travellers and locals alike.


For 8 years, I specialized in designing souvenir products and collaborated with various international companies such as Señor Frogs, Crazy Shirts and Hotel Shops. My work included designing illustrations for t-shirt printing, cap development, and other souvenir items. In this project, I showcase my design skills by creating unique illustrations for printed t-shirts aimed at girls and women, using different techniques and inks based on a previously sent technical brief.