Logotipo 'Swims' en blanco y morado: ambigrama para empaque de dulces
Diseño de personaje: Swims, personaje cuadrado en forma de dulce de color rojo
Diseño de personaje: Personaje de caramelo de uva morada suave para producto alimenticio
Diseño de personaje: Ilustración de divertido personaje de caramelo amarillo para producto alimenticio con la lengua afuera
Ambigram logo design for food packaging design / Dulces de la Rosa: Diseño de Empaque Logotipo en forma de ambigrama color morado
Sweet Swims Food Packaging Design Mock-Up for La Rosa's Client / Dulces de la Rosa: Diseño de Empaque Swims

Packaging Design for Swims Product Line

DLR is a leading sweets and chocolates company with a strong presence in Mexico and exports worldwide. With 70+ years of experience, they offer over 300 products, including their famous Mazapán. One of the projects I worked on was the Packaging design for their Swims product line. DLR is committed to quality and innovation, allowing them to capture a significant market share domestically and internationally. They continue to delight customers with their tasty treats.
In this project, I had the opportunity to work on the complete design of the Swims product line.

Packaging Design for Swims Product Line​

The Swims product line is a collection of soft candies that come in various presentations, including lollipops, bars, and biswims, these ones are a fusion of two flavours in one candy. These candies are loved by people of all ages and have become a staple in the confectionery market.

When tasked with designing the packaging for the Swims product line, I aimed to create a visual identity that would captivate consumers and communicate the essence of the candies. The goal was to design packaging that not only showcased the deliciousness of the sweets but also reflected the brand’s personality and values.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant colours and playful nature of the candies, I crafted a packaging design that would instantly catch the eye of potential buyers. The use of bold, eye-catching colours and creative character illustrations helped create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Designing the Swims Logo​

The logo for the Swims family was a crucial element in the overall packaging design. I wanted the logo to be unique, and memorable. After careful consideration, I decided to create an ambigram for the logo.

Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read or interpreted in multiple ways. They possess a fascinating ability to convey different meanings when viewed from different angles or orientations. The concept of an ambigram was a perfect fit for the Swims brand, as it represented the candy’s duality and versatility.

With meticulous attention to detail, I crafted an ambigram logo that could be read up or down as “Swims”s”. I expected this creative approach not only added an intriguing element to the packaging but also to spark curiosity among consumers.

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I had the pleasure of collaborating with De la Rosa to create a new candy packaging product, Swims. I provided end-to-end design services, including the creation of the brand logo, custom illustrations of candy treats, and packaging design that adheres to the new Mexican front-of-pack labeling law.