Packaging design, the importance that distinguishes a brand

diseño de empaques para productos de confitería MI PIÑATA de la rosa diseño y creacion de personajes burrito en forma de piñata crado por Diseñador gráfico freelance

When entering a supermarket, it is common to come across an infinite number of products. As we push our cart down the aisles, we stop right at the shelf where cereals, cookies, and toast, each boasting a unique packaging design, are displayed. There is a wide variety, but only one box catches our attention—it’s a hexagonal-shaped box of baked toast that is also biodegradable.

Why did we choose one product and not another? Was there something that made it stand out from the rest? The answer is related to package design, which can be found in most of the products we consume daily, packaged in boxes, bags, plastic or glass bottles.

That’s why, in this blog we will explain why package design is important for a product’s brand to stand out from the others and gain greater visibility, ultimately reaching a large number of customers. If you want to learn about my work, click here.

What is Packaging design?

Firstly, we need to understand what package design is, which refers to everything that involves the protection of a product for its sale and distribution, such as packaging, wrapping, and labelling of any commercial product.

The relevance of this concept lies in the design itself because, without it, the packaging would merely be a wrapper. However, the virtue of design lies in turning the product’s packaging into a presentation card that, from a marketing perspective, aims to capture the attention of consumers.

packaging design / Diseño de embalaje para comida humeda de perro gran pet Cesar Millan
Diseño de embalaje para comida húmeda de perro gran pet Cesar Millan sabor pollo

Even the presentation of the packaging does not determine the quality of the product or its success in the market. In other words, a design can be very attractive, but the product’s quality may not match it. In this sense, there are several elements to consider when creating a package design.

Type of product being designed

Package design must be attractive and functional. To achieve this, it is advisable to understand the brand, the market, the competition, and the target audience. Conducting research is necessary to develop a good design.

The importance of colour

When it comes to colour, let’s take the example of cola drinks. We know that red is associated with a famous brand, while blue represents another brand that has been a competitor for a long time. In this case, if we want to design a new package, we would have to explore other colours to distinguish ourselves.

In Australia, an “opaque couché” colour was used for cigarette packs (this colour is known as the ugliest in the world) and was accompanied by impactful images depicting the harmful health effects of smoking.

Another example is Spain, where the colour purple is commonly used for dairy products packaging, as it evokes childhood memories and experiences. These trends can be broken to differentiate your brand.

packaging design
En España la mayoría de los productos lácteos

The aesthetics of packaging

Another important aspect is the aesthetics of packaging, which relates to its structural design, hand in hand with functionality. It should not only look beautiful but also showcase creativity.

For example, in the case of alcoholic beverages like Absolut Vodka, their designs are visually striking, to the extent that even a non-drinker might purchase the product just to collect the bottle.

Packaging can also be innovative. For instance, a Hungarian egg brand stands out with a minimalist proposal in organizing its product, unlike the typical design we find in supermarkets.

Una marca de huevos húngara, se distingue por una propuesta minimalista en la forma de organizar su producto

Development of Packaging

In the development of packaging, it is important to prioritize the product itself. Take perfume bottles as an example—they contain the product and, regardless of the design, they must protect the container within a box.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider dimensions such as size and shape, weight and density, fragility and resistance, behaviour in different climatic conditions, and ergonomics (how the packaging is handled).

Coherent Packaging Design and Brand

The package design should be coherent with the brand. What message does the product convey in relation to the packaging design? In the case of toasts packaged in a biodegradable wrapper, it communicates a concern for the environment. We are not only focused on selling but also on raising awareness.

Many companies have embraced eco-friendly packaging design by using recycled materials such as cardboard, plant fibres, and PLA (polylactic acid)—a material similar to plastic but made from cornstarch, cassava, yucca, or sugarcane.

Son muchas las empresas que se han sumado al diseño de empaques ecológicos, utilizando materiales reciclados

Distribution of the product

Finally, there are functional aspects related to the distribution of the product that must be taken into account, such as storage conditions, different destinations, and transportation methods.

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